3D Load assistant system

OP Teknik´s new revolutionary 3D load-assist system makes it possible, with a remote control, to control a timber crane with the help of a camera-based 3D technology. The operator control
is configurable for many specific situations and can also be designed for other applications.


This is how the system works

A couple of stereo cameras are placed on the crane, which gives a depth in the picture when picking up the wood

The software we use works in real time with the positioning

A marker point indicating where the grip is located is visualized on the screen, along with the distance to the logs.

Benefits of 3D Op Rator

You work efficiently from within your comfortable truck cab

No crane cab is needed

The high position of the camera gives you a better overview

Reduced total weight on the equipage

Higher safety and better ergonomics

Two common monitors are used



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