At OP Teknik we offer robotic solutions. Partly for waste sorting through our robot sorting system SELMA or we can help you facilitate your loading of timber through camera based 3D technology.

With many years of experience in robots, vision systems and automation, OP Teknik is an obvious supplier for your projects. We have also won prizes for our innovative inventions at the recycling gala 2019 in Sweden.




Sorting robot SELMA

With the unique robot sorting system SELMA, OP Teknik has developed a  fully automated sorting machine for construction and industrial waste.


The system handles most types of materials and will efficiently help customers sort their waste streams and increase the material recovery rate significantly

3D load assistant system

OP Teknik´s new revolutionary 3D load-assist system makes it possible to remotely control, for example, a timber crane with the help of a camera-based 3D technology.


Operator control is configurable for many specific situations. Can also be designed for other applications.

01-Mistral+ - 3D.png

Pellenc ST

With 1,600 machines in operation in more than 40 countries, Pellenc ST is the undisputed market leader in France, and a key player internationally. To reach this position, Pellenc ST as set up a multi-cultural, multilingual team and ensures a local presence and a technical and commercial support.

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