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OP-Teknik's services for industry

We help you to ensure the long-term operation of your facility.

A life cycle analysis gives you increased security through better long-term planning of maintenance and modernization, increased safety and reduced costs in your facility. " Life cycle analysis is a service that OP-Teknik offers to help you secure the operation of your facility ." Based on the analysis, you can plan both short-term and long-term investments and avoid unnecessary downtime. " With an increased knowledge of your facility, you strengthen your competitiveness " .


Our offer 
After we have inventoried your products in the area of automation in your facility, we compile the results in a report that clearly describes the products' status, service life and advice for maintenance and modernization. " Based on the report, you can strategically plan the facility's maintenance 
" and clearly see which products and systems your spare parts warehouse needs to be replenished with and which long-term investments need to be made. You will also see if you can reduce the stock with unnecessary spare parts.

We can also review how different parts of the facility interact and communicate with each other in critical operations so that you can operate the facility optimally and at the same time have full control over any costs and risks.

" Modernization is a cost-effective alternative to a new investment that gives your machine or plant a second life ." While the mechanical parts of older machines are often in good condition, with the help of new control and drive technology, the plant's productivity can be increased in a very cost-effective way. OP-Teknik can offer everything from the replacement of individual parts to larger commitments with complete control cabinets, renovations and replacement of electricity and electronics.

We help you to ensure the long-term operation of your facility with new technology.


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